Saturday, August 21, 2010

Firstly, I think I have a problem because the only time I really update this blog is when I want to change the layout and mess with the HTML. I seriously drive myself insane. I want to take this seriously but I haven't determined a routine that is suitable for my needs. I'm working on it though. In other news, I have less than two weeks left until I go back to college. I'm super excited and sad at the same time. I wish I could take my best friend Andie with me but I know she'll be visiting a lot and of course I'll be home sometimes. We'll be seeing lots of each other for sure. I'm glad everything is settled with school. Financial aid came in and my loans went through. PHEW! What a load off my back that is.

Anyway, I GOT MY FILM CAMERA TODAY. It's a Nikon N65 (body only). I ordered it a couple days ago on Amazon and it said that it would be here in 7-10 days but it only took a couple! I can't wait to start shooting with it. I fell in love with the pictures that I took with my disposable camera. Plus I can use my 50mm f/1.8 with this camera and it will auto focus! That's just heavenly to me.

I haven't started packing for school yet, but I've made a few lists. That's all I'm good for. I'm good at knowing exactly what I have to do, but it's the action of actually doing it that really limits my achievement.

I have a lot of pictures to edit and post and I think I'll do a post about music I've been into lately. I'm not going to let this be another failed project of mine, I have lots 'o determination!

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