Sunday, August 22, 2010

I got a tattoo!!

Yay! I actually got this done about 11 days ago... but still, I'm super excited about it. This picture was taken the day after I got it done so it looks funny but I'll take another picture of it when it's fully healed.

Basically, I have wanted a tattoo forever. But I have so many ideas I couldn't pick what I actually want to get. It came to me as an epiphany one day really. So here is the meaning/explanation:

It says "c'est bon" which is French for "it is good". This little saying means a lot to me. My father is Haitian and being the education lover that he is, knows a multitude of languages. Yet, he never spoke to me in French or Creole or any other language that he knows for that matter and it is something that really bothers me all the time. BUT French is my absolute favorite language. It's beautiful, classy, romantic and so many other lovely things. So, the saying "c'est bon" is the one phrase that he spoke to me in French growing up. And when he said it to my siblings and I it kind of meant "watch it, don't do that again". And I can never take my dad seriously so when I think of him saying it, it's nothing but happy enjoyable moments. This tattoo is a daily reminder that I need to "watch" myself and realize that in all my stress and frustration that my life truly "is good" and I have been blessed on levels that I am not worthy of receiving. It's a reminder of a beautiful language and a reminder of childhood and family. It means so much to me.


neongold said...

amazing tatoo! looks really great.

mariah fleming said...

thank you!