Monday, July 26, 2010

This is what's going on today. Nylon mag & an iced soy chai from good 'ol Starbucks. Relaxation. Even though I don't work I find myself always incredibly stressed out. Most of the time, scratch that, all of the time it's because of college financial issues. I have been waiting for financial aid the entire summer. Everyone got theirs the beginning of July and now July is coming to and end and my bill is due August 1st. I swear they have no sympathy for anyone attending their school. As long as they are taking money and being greedy, mindless, selfish hogs everything is fine and dandy in their world. And because I have not received financial aid yet, I cannot apply for loans which is about three trillion times more stressful then waiting to hear back about financial aid. I can't even enjoy myself when I'm out because I always have this lingering in the back of my head. Another thing that is driving me crazy is that I am so ready to upgrade to a Nikon D300s but I can't let myself do that until everything is figured out with college. I feel like getting that camera is a reward and I can't reward myself until I am at peace and I now I will be able to enjoy it fully. I'm going to start taking this blog seriously and post more pictures. I need some where to get everything of my chest because I find it hard to express myself to a physical human being in the flesh.

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