Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer has been really lovely and I am having an amazing time hanging out with friends and taking full advantage of relaxation time BUT I am so ready to get back into Boston. I love it there. Everything about it. Staying up late, walking to Chinatown to grab Chinese food, meeting new people, procrastinating, cafeteria food, COLD WEATHER... I just really miss living there. Oh yeah I can't forget about being able to splurge every once and awhile at my favorite stores. It doesn't help that my school has not sent me my financial aid yet and everything is due August 1st. I hate not having control. It's stressing me out more than I can handle. I can't wait until everything is paid off and I can focus on getting stuff for my apartment next year! I can't wait to live with Jess she's crazy fun. I'm really going to miss my best friend Andie, but hopefully she'll visit a lot. There's just so much to look forward to. I just want to skip this horrible summer weather and get straight into the wonderful cool days of autumn, especially in Boston.

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