Wednesday, January 11, 2012

mild monday

Winter break is coming to a close and I can't say that it hasn't been eventful. A lot of wonderful things have happened to me lately and I couldn't be more thankful. I'm more than ready to get back into the normality of my routine. I miss working with my children and seeing my friends on a regular basis. And I could definitely use the money after the insane amount of Christmas spending that completely annihilated my bank account.

I've acquired some pretty nice pieces for my wardrobe, mostly purchased by myself, but I also recieved lovely gifts from my mother, sister, and boyfriend (cough MADEWELL PANTS cough cough, yeah he ain't too shabby!) I celebrated my 21st birthday on the 2nd of January with everyone I hold dear to me. Twenty feels older, maybe I'm crazy, but I feel just a teensy bit more 'adult-like' haha.
shirt: thrifted, tights: h&m, watch: uo
Cleaning and organizing my room, being comfortable, lighting a candle, and making a nice meal is my idea of an alright day.


Keit said...

Adorable kitty and a lovely room.

Jackie said...

hey what colour is your kanken backpack! i can't figure it out thanks