Sunday, October 16, 2011

meeting alexa chung

I met one of my biggest style inspirations- Alexa Chung. Madewell had a launch party at their store on Newbury street where Alexa Chung made an appearance. I went with my sister who is inspired by her just as much as I am. I felt like such a crazy little fan girl and that's totally not me. But ever since I saw Alexa on her show 'It's On With Alexa Chung' I've been mesmerized with her ability to mix preppy with grunge and thrift with designer labels, she does everything perfectly in my book when it comes to clothes. There were so many well-dressed people at the event, it was exciting to Boston embrace it's fashionable side for a couple hours. Everyone waited in a line to meet her and take a picture if they wanted. I was honestly shocked at how down to earth and funny she was. I knew that's how she was in interviews and on television, but you never know how people will truly act in real life. She was great. I told her that my roommate and I always say to each other that "we look so Alexa Chung" every time we get dressed. She found that funny and I told her she was my biggest style inspiration and she hit herself on the head kind of like she didn't believe me. I still can't believe how humble and wonderful she is. She was talking to all of us saying that she was getting inspiration from us for her next outfits- YEAH OK ALEXA!
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couturing said...

Wow, I'm super jealous! Looks like a great time; wish I'd went (:

this foreign youth said...
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Mariah. said...

It was so amazing. I'm honestly still in shock haha.