Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the downfall of being a broke college student: alexa chung for madewell 2011

This woman, this collection... where do I even start?

You can tell so clearly that style is her forte and it just comes so naturally to her. I was thoroughly impressed with her last collection and I am honestly drooling at the items that are shown in the video that is posted on the Madewell website. Especially the leopard print high heel boots. I don't think I can pull of leopard, but I would sure as hell try if I ever got my hands on those. I'd also pay a pretty penny for the pajama pants and the polka dot blouse. I either need to get a job at Madewell or come into some money rather quickly, because I NEED to own items from this collection.

Here's the video, you can drool along with me.

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