Friday, January 7, 2011

So this is the new year and I don't feel any different.

but i'm 20 now.

I turned 20 on January 2nd! A while ago I couldn't bare thinking that I would be turning twenty. I had this idea that I hadn't accomplished enough. I'm a fool. I've learned to stop comparing myself to others and that I am just fine where I am- steady and at my own pace.

Otherwise, I had a blast! I went to Boston with my sister and my best friend Andie to do some shopping and eat at my favorite restaurant, Grasshopper Vegetarian! My friend Kait met up with us at Urban Outfitters on Newbury Street and she spent the rest of the evening with us. It was really nice to spend my birthday with such lovely people.

We stopped to take pictures at Chestnut Hill before we actually got in Boston. If you live in Massachusetts and you haven't been to Chestnut Hill, which is basically Boston College campus, YOU MUST GO IMMEDIATELY! It is seriously a dream. Even more so the day that we went because it was really foggy and moody, perfect lighting for photography.

When we got to Newbury street of course my first destination was Urban Outfitters to take advantage of their $29 BDG jeans. Those jeans fit like they were made for me. I love the fact that they offer much longer inseams than usual jeans. I swear my legs are made for another planet. After Urban I basically ran to the new Forever 21. I've been waiting for sooooo long for that store to open, but their selection was unfortunetly very lackluster. After F21 we just walked down Newbury stopping in random shops. We went into American Apparel and I tried on this shirt in coral I have been lusting after for quite sometime, but it was a bit pricey and the fit was off so I held off. Then we went to H&M and I picked up a lovely black lace dress that is to die for and some black tights. You can watch my video on youtube to see the things I purchased plus a couple things my mom bought me.

Dress:Urban Outfitters, Tights: Target, Shoes: F21, Cardigan: F21, Headband: F21

All in all I had a wonderful 20th birthday celebration.
Oh yeah! Grasshopper was scrumptious as always!

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